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Our approach

Learning for well-being

We see learning as a process of developing and enriching the whole person. We create learning spaces that welcome everyone, and strive towards accessibility, inclusion and equity. We hold ourselves accountable for doing everything we can to help every participant on our courses. We design for transformations that enhance participants’ lives for the long term. We understand learners and teachers as situated within a wider community, and embrace our collective responsibility for shaping and remaking our communities.


Creative systems thinking

We train participants to experiment creatively with the tools at their disposal, observe results, adapt to the needs of listeners and learners, and respond effectively to the unfolding situation. We help professionals develop a deep understanding of the scientific findings that underpin their work, and the ethical and philosophical principles underlying practical choices. We foster systems thinking in teaching, learning and communicating. 


Critical engagement and advocacy

We encourage and equip learners to engage critically and proactively with the problems they encounter, to question and, where necessary, challenge existing norms, assumptions and systems. We train participants to advocate effectively for the rights and wellbeing of themselves and others.

Office Meeting

Our team

Rob with plants.JPG


Rob has been teaching since 1998, and training teachers since 2011. From 2015 until 2020 he was in charge of teacher training at what became Scotland’s leading English language teacher training centre, and an industry-leading hub for innovation in SEN inclusion, teaching culture, and experience design. He specialises in applying the psychology of learning to the design and transformation of learning environments and experiences. He co-founded the Training Experience with Julie in 2021.

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Julie has been teaching since 2009, and training teachers since 2015. Since 2015 she has trained and coached both novice and experienced teachers across Europe and Asia, and given keynote presentations and workshops at language teaching conferences across Europe. She specialises in creating better teaching experiences, shaping teaching cultures, and the social dynamics of teacher training experiences. She co-founded the Training Experience with Rob in 2021.

Lachesis photo.JPG


Lachesis Braick has been teaching since 2007, and has been a leading innovator in the effective use of technology for online teaching and blended learning. She has devoted her career to empowering both learners and educators, specialises in legal English and ESOL, and also teaches Portuguese. She enjoys travelling, reading, and learning new languages.

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