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For organisations

Are you concerned about morale? High staff turnover? Patchy student attendance?

We work with organisations and departments that provide practical or vocational education and training to adults, offering in-depth analysis, expert advice and professional guidance for your team.

Educational audit

Our work with organisations always starts by talking to the teaching staff and their managers and students, and observing some lessons, to get a detailed insight into the prevailing cultures of teaching and learning, and an in-depth analysis of the needs and strengths of the teaching team, as well as the circumstances of learners and the organisation. We then deliver a detailed report with proposals for change and, where needed, training, to address areas for improvement and capitalise on the strengths of the teaching team.



After completing an educational audit, we design and deliver bespoke in-house training programmes in line with our proposals, to transform the teaching culture of the organisation and raise teaching standards in line with learners’ and teachers’ needs.

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