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The Kirsty Experience - Being Blind

An in-depth chat with Kirsty Wolf, about her experiences as a teacher and as a learner, and about how teachers can do a better job of supporting our blind or visually impaired students and colleagues.

Photo: Kirsty Wolf

Find out more about Kirsty on her websites, and, and follow her on Twitter @EnglishWithK, and on LinkedIn.

There's more advice online on making workplaces inclusive for blind people - the RNIB has a helpful set of pages, and there are some good ideas on the blog at There's also a really useful guide to making web pages more accessible, from the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Hosted by Lachesis Braick and Rob Tesh, and produced and published by The Training Experience.

Full transcript here.

Music: “Carefree” and “Call for Love” by Luke Bergs:

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Keyboard sound by George Hopkins

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